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Around 463 million people are affected or are suffering from diabetes globally, and the major issues that we encountered that cause diabetes are obesity and an inactive lifestyle, rest of the reasons are not under our control, like family history, etc. now obesity & inactive lifestyle is a global problem and its due to increasing urbanization and modernization.


At The Vedas, we are focussing to bring a natural solution to this problem as well, so here we started focussing on herbs that could treat this problem better and can give fruitful results over time, our aim was also to create a product that is easy to consume, and then after lots of brainstorming sessions we found a wonder herb I.e native to us which is guava leaf, we read an enormous amount of research papers on it and discovered its miraculous effects on obesity management, type 2 diabetes and sleep management. 



Here we just didn’t rely on data only, we practically experimented with it on individuals suffering from the same problem we observed real results.

The blood sugar levels observed in the people suffering from the problem dropped to manageable limits and the sleep cycle of the individual's disturbances or discontinuity was reduced by 99.9%, this observation gave a huge boost to confidence in the herbs and our vision to bring the natural solution to this problem as well, balanced diet is also an important thing that needs to be considered.


Current scenario 

We believe that mostly our society is surrounded by the fact that there are only allopathic meds available to treat their problem, here at the Vedas we work to break this myth, 

Here we began our journey by creating effective herbal infusions that can replace conventional routine products like tea, by projecting the term replacement, we completely mean it, it is difficult to replace the conventional product due to a variety of reasons, and the major reason is taste, so we kept that thing in mind and did lots of experiments and research to bring you a suitable package.

 Here if we talk about guava leaf tea, Our Special leaf includes various important active ingredients, and based on our recent research, it has been found that our Specially engineered  herb is great in tackling type 2 diabetes.



We also explored the bio-engineering aspect to boost performance and adaptability of our product, that's why we researched for various methods to do so, and finally, we got one, by that method we can preserve a good level of essential active ingredients in the leaf even after drying the same.

The Importance of GLUT4 in diabetes management

Active compounds in The Vedas Specially Engineered Guava leaf Facilitate GLUT4 synthesis and transport in muscle cells and liver cells. GLUT4 transports glucose from the blood to the cells for consumption which lowers blood sugar levels and regulates

the insulin resistance.

The Vedas Guava Green tea for Diabetes management

The Vedas Specially engineered Guava leaf can play a therapeutic role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes by regulating levels of Insulin, Vitamin D and

Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor.

This Image shows Iluustration. of liver and Kidneys and how guava tea can help to improve their indexes

Effect of The Vedas guava leaf flavonoids on the viscera index of type 2 diabetic  patients.

The guava leaf flavonoids treated group had markedly reduced liver and kidney indexes in a diabetic organism, which suggested that guava leaf flavonoids benefited the liver and kidney of a diabetic organism. 

Guava leaf flavonoids play important role in reducing liver Viscera index, thus helping in making liver healthy.

Illustration of Heart, and how The Vedas Guava leaf tea can help in Cholestrol management

Effect of Our guava leaf flavonoids on the serum lipids(Cholesterol) of Type 2 diabetic patients.

Type 2 diabetic patients commonly show dyslipidemia. The level of HDL was found to be increased in guava leaf flavonoid treated organisms, and it found that levels of LDL were reduced in them.

Thus it helps in increasing good cholesterol in the body.

Type - 2 Diabetes management

Effect of  Our guava leaf flavonoids on insulin of Type 2 diabetic patients. 

The Vedas Engineered Guava leaf flavonoids are found to significantly improve insulin resistance and pancreatic cell function, thus playing a significant role in lowering fasting blood glucose.

Experience the miraculous tea

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