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Kahwa is a blend of many Indian spices and herbs truly inspired from the rituals of Kashmir. The brew gives you the aroma and taste of Clove and its extract, Ginger, Cardamom, Turmeric, Lemon, Himalayan Rock Salt, Green Tea Leaves, Black Pepper and its extract. It is a refreshing morning tea which relish you with its goodness and beneficial properties. The blend is very efficacious in curing cough and cold, Detoxification of the body, Boosting immune system, Clearing nasal congestion. JUST GIVE IT A TRY ONCE AND YOU WILL BE FASCINATED FOREVER!


Guava green tea is the curative for middle aged health problems. The combination of guava and its leaves brews gives you a cup with appreciable health benefits such as reduction of Bad Cholesterol, Curing Diarrhea, Managing Diabetes, Improving Sleep Quality, Boosts Immune System.So, just try it for a month daily and we promise you don’t have rely on those doctor recommended everyday medicines and what is more healthy process than managing the middle aged health problems with a purely natural source.

Diabetes Detox Combo( Kahwa Detox Green Tea & Guava Green Tea)

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