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Bio-E Petals

Due to bio processing the active component losses are reduced significantly, thus amount of acids that are good for health are available in good quantity in the leaf like

1. Mallic acid- This acid  enhances tolerance to exercise, improve muscle endurance and stamina, thereby helps to ease chronic fatigue syndrome. thus help recover faster after workout.

2 .Quinic & shquimic acid-  this acid improves antioxidant activity, thus help you improve immunity and detoxify body.

3. Gallic acid & anthocyanins- they help in memory recall and vision.


High tocopherols

The Vedas Bio-processed Rose Petals has increased amount of tocopherols which are great for skin healing and detoxification of skin, moreover it improves muscle performance, prevents blood clot, great antioxidant,

also I have good amount of carbs thus its a great energy booster, could be taken pre-workout or a protein shake can be made in its iced tea to boost performance.


Loaded with minerals

It has

Calcium &  copper content higher than cauliflower,

Iron content more than 2 times of that in cabbage, higher than broccoli and cauliflower,

5 times more mangneese than cabbage, 9 times more than cauliflower, and 1.2 times higher than broccoli,

Also loaded with zinc.


The Vedas Rose Petals(Bio-E) tea

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