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About Us

A Remedy Truly Inspired From Nature

The Vedas Care aims to bring the goodness of Ayurveda to your doorstep. Our products use the holistic virtues of natural ingredients to help you build a healthy lifestyle devoid of the aches and pains common to today’s lifestyle. Spend a few minutes each day with our Ayurveda - inspired teas to get relief from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, morning fatigue, and sleeping problems.

We use the freshest, most high-quality herbs, ethically sourced and processed with love and care to bring you your very own cup of natural goodness. 

Reduced Supply Chain

Our supply chain has been optimized to eliminate middlemen and ensure the shortest time from the farm to your table. We source our ingredients directly from farmers across the country, ensuring high income for the farmers and low costs for you. Our advanced inventory management system removes unnecessary delays and allows us to deliver thousands of orders everyday from our production and packaging centers. 

​A majority of the world’s tea supply comes from India. Most of the tea produced is purchased by internationally recognized tea brands who continuously increase their profit margins while exploiting their farming partners for lower prices. At the Vedas, we believe in ensuring fair prices for all parties involved. Our production process cuts out middlemen from the system ensuring that our farming partners receive fair prices for their products. We are committed to building a community that gives back to our farmers helping them take steps towards a better future.


Empowering Our Native Contentious Farmers

The majority of tea produced in the world is produced in India. This sector is based on bulk exports to internationally recognised tea brands, which are continuing to develop and yet as farmers here toil away for poor wages and an uncertain future. Our tea sector is clearly the country's second greatest employer of manual labour. When farmers demand a fair price, such brands do not hesitate to switch to inferior teas from other places. Our farmers are a priority for a homegrown brand like The Vedas, India. We cut out the middlemen and are committed to our estate partners. This assures that all earnings stay in these areas, and that each farmer receives a higher price and is able to take steps toward a brighter future.

The Vedas & Environment

It is our pledge to work hard in every aspect to reduce the usage of plastic, that's why we have carefully designed packaging which uses least amount plastic or only the amount that's necessary, we also don't use long plastic films to seal our boxes, and many more ways, we keep on researching so that we could make usage of plastic least.

The Vedas Commitment to reduce waste

less Plastic use

The Vedas Use Eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable

Sustainable Packaging


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